Plan Review Online
Workflow Process

  • Easy Setup

  • User Friendly

  • Multiple trades available

  • Assign admin & user roles

  • Instant Notification

  • Private Communication

  • Secure Online Plateform

  • Eliminate Multiple Trips

  • 01

    Contractor locates AHJ relevant to project. Uploads drawing, submittals and other documents required by the AHJ. Pays $5 site admin fee and submits documents to AHJ for review.

  • 02

    AHJ receives submittal documents and conducts review. If rejected, AHJ sends back correction notes back to contractor for revision.

  • 03

    Contractor makes revision and resubmits back to AHJ for another review. (no additional site admin fee required)

  • 04

    When approved, AHJ initiates payment request for review to the contractor.

  • 05

    Contractor makes payment to AHJ and receives approved documents for download.